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…was born in Gui village in Ejmiatsin province.
From 2017-2023 studied in Armenian State Academy of Fine Arts at the faculty of sculpting. In his work the artist explores the reflection of humans’ inner world and emotional state in physical appearance. Also, he always tries to express his careful and thankful

Combination of organic shapes and lively lines make artists work more honest and harmonic.

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composer Komitas. His music inspires the artist, his character is very close to Sasouns soul so the series plays a crucial role in his creative world. The love and respect towards the environment Sasoun shows in his series of sculptures called “elements of nature” as well as in minimalist and dynamic sculptures of animals.

The ideas of maternity, love, passion and friendship also find their shapes in artists’ sculpture.

We Are Proud Of..

We Are Proud Of..

Aside from sculpting Sasoun expresses his creative pursuits in other visual disciplines like performance art.
In his performance “Division of birth” the artist manifests the human labor aimed to give birth to crops.
clearly see how he creating incredibly honest and touching artworks.



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Have an Idea?